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Warranty Document

AZEHEB ensures a guarantee against defects on material and manufature of its products for a period of 1 year for overseas customers, counted from the date of issue of the invoice to the costumer. AZEHEB limits the replacement of parts/componentes or/and services of products and after an inspection carried out by AZEHEB professionals, confirming the existence of defects on materials or manufacture. Depending on the severity and extent of the problem, AZEHEB may choose to replace the product with a new one.

All and any claims of the buyer regarding defects observed in the product during the term of the warranty, will only be atended by:

  •  Documents that proove the purchase;
  •  Presentation of the equipment serial number when requested;
  •  The performance of a technical audit of the product to verify the claimed defect. That audit will be    done only by AZEHEB at its headquarters.

Situations that are not coovered by this warranty terms

  • Consumable items such as tapes, lamps, spectral tubes, fuses and batteries.
  • Power Adpaters DC (90 days warranty)
  • Wear on finishing, parts and / or pieces, ocurred due intensive use conditions (weather, humidity, sea odor, intense cold and heat.
  • Damaged ocurred during the transport or assembly of product, when this have not been done by AZEHEB by designated professionals.
  • Bad use, use of an inadecuated electrical net, bad effort, or any other type of use different than proposed by AZEHEB on each product.
  • Problems related to the assembly in disagreement to the instruction manual or with respect to the adaptations and / or modifications made to the products.
  • Bad treatment, lack of care, cleaning and/or maintenance in disagreement with the instructions informed by AZEHEB. violation of the seal of guarantee of the products;
  • Damage ocurred by cleaning or repair services contracted by the consumer;
  • Damage ocurred by acidentes, fall , attacks by pests or natural agents.
  • Oxidation or corrosion due the lack of cleaning, maintenance with improper products or exposition to the weather, humidity or smell of the sea.

Adittional Remarks

Payment of the freight of the product under warranty, both shipping and return, is the responsibility of the importer. This term is not valid for products repaired outside the warranty period. AZEHEB, reserves the right to modify the general, technical and esthetic characteristics or the improvement of its products at any time without entering into the obligation the same way with stocks of products or sales. Please keep this warranty term document in an easily accessible place. Products and parts from other brands, such as multimeters, power supplies, vacuum pumps, etc., even if they are part of AZEHEB kits, they keep the warranty terms of their manufacturers.