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  1. Compact Optical Set

    Excellent set to geometrical optics study. It’s possible to study the behavior of light rays in different optical elements, the color composition, vision defects and perform many other experiments. All this is possible because the set has a versatile light source with halogen lamp 20W / 12V, which combined with the set of accessories with acrylic lenses, color filters and hard disk makes this indispensable collection for teaching and learning of optical phenomena.

  2. Optical Bench Model Alpha

    Excellent and complete set for performing geometric and physical optics experiments.
  3. Luxmeter Minipa MLM-1011

    Instrument indicated for projects of lighting of internal and external environments, solar energy, inspection of work environments, agricultural sector, public lighting, measuring up to 100k Lux and measurement freeze.

  4. Diffraction Gratings Slide - Linear 500 line/mm

    Excellent for demonstrating the spectrum from various light sources.
  5. Diffraction of Light Set (Slits and Holes)

    Set for the study of diffraction of monochromatic light in slits and holes.

  6. Optical Set (Basic)

    Set for geometric optics experiments. Modular equipment and totally collapsible. Manufactured predominantly in metal which guarantees high quality and resistance.

  7. Diffraction Gratings Slide - Linear 1000 lines/mm

    Excellent for demonstrating the spectrum from various light sources.


7 Item(s)