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Set of Acoustic and Waves

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Set of Acoustic and Waves


Quick Overview

Set for study of acoustics and waves. The versatility of the set allows you to perform dozens of experiments with fairly simple assembly. Parts are designed in a modular way, allowing a wide range of studies with a very compact and versatile set.
Supplied with special packaging for permanent storage of parts, assisting in laboratory organization.


Storage System:

Specially designed to facilitate the organization, transport and storage of parts that make up the set. The system is composed externally of a box made of corrugated Kraft paper. Internally, the system has a high strength cradle plastic thermoformed with cavities in the shape of parts for perfect fit and storage.


– 01 pair of tuning forks with wooden box;
– 01 rubber mallet for percussion;
– 01 mass rod;
– 01 pitch fork 440Hz;
– 2m coil spring 01 and 20mm;
– 01 spring slink with 11cm and Ø65mm;
– 01 cylinder 30cm in height;
– 01 mass-spring oscillator with 5 flat springs and 4 mass with screws;
– 01 becker 150ml;
– 01 manual with assembly and experiments;
– 01 storage unit 40x50cm;


– Period and spring oscillation frequency.
– Wave-length.
– Amplitude.
– Wave Reflection in the spring.
– Phase reversal of a wave in reflection.
– Longitudinal and transverse wave.
– Stationary wave.
– Constructive and destructive interference.
– Node formation and belly in the standing wave.
– Resonance in mass-spring oscillator.
– Timbre.
– Height.
– Intensity.
– Resonance in the pair of tuning forks.
– Beat the pair of tuning forks.
– Resonance in the closed tube.
– Standing wave in a closed tube.
– Determination of the wavelength in the closed tube.
– Determination of sound propagation speed in the air.

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