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Set for Study of Rotational Movements

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Set for Study of Rotational Movements


Quick Overview

Set for study of rotational movements. The most versatile and complete equipment on the market.

Its operation is based on a rotational paltaform with variable speed control. In it we set to turn a suspended body connected to a dynamometer that indicates the force to which the body is submitted. In addition to the experiments for determination of the centripetal force we can perform the circular motion experiments (uniform and variable).

It also includes the set of accessories for determination of the moment of inertia of solid bodies as well as the demonstration of the conservation of angular momentum and the acrylic vessel for rotational experiments in liquids. This equipment also has the AZB-30 USB stopwatch for time measurement through a raked disc thus leaving the most attractive and modern experiments.

To facilitate storage and storage of the equipment it is supplied with a thermoformed plastic cradle pack with the shape of the parts.


Digital Timer AZB-30 USB

Technical Specification: 

- 01 display LDC 2 × 16 with backlight;
- Resolution 0,00001s (1uS);
- 2 digital inputs / outputs for connecting up to 2 photoelectric sensors;
- Polarized output connection to coil with 8,5V / 1.5A
- Memory for storage of measurements of each function;
- The on / off button;
- Button for momentary retention and coil shooting;
- Short-circuit protection;
- Power supply with switched input 110 / 220V output with low voltage of 12V / 2A with connection plug NBR 14136;
- Polycarbonate panel with display protector transparent LCD and touch type buttons;
- Mounted enclosure;
- Detection system and the sensors;
- USB connection and software for data acquisition.
- Three functions:  

  • F1 [measuring the time interval between the sensors, coil and sensor and switch and sensors, set up to select the number of sensors to be used in experiment];
  • F2 [Measurement interruption time of 1 sensor or both sensors or measurement time between sensors];
  • F3 [measuring time by the number of sensor interrupts with the number of interrupts setting for the measuring period pendulums or swirling];  

Data Acquisition Software AZB-30 USB 

Minimum requirements: 

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, 32- or 64-bit
  • Processor 500 MHz or higher (Windows 10 requires a 1 GHz processor)
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM (Windows 10 needs at least 1GB for 32bit and 2GB for 64bit)
  • Space for 10 MB installation
  • USB port 

Storage System:

Specially designed to facilitate the organization, transport and storage of parts that make up the set. The system is composed externally of a box made of corrugated Kraft paper. Internally, the system has a high strength cradle plastic thermoformed with cavities in the shape of parts for perfect fit and storage. 


– 01 large base with shoes;
– 01 dynamometer 2N accuracy 0.02N Sliding aluminum cover on top mainstay in plastic bottom handle in plastic and steel hook, sliding zero adjustment of scale applied to the internal piston in Newton (N) 100 subdivisions;
– 01 line reel;
– 01 Wire drive motor 12V with variable power supply compound with aluminum pulley fixed to the motor shaft. System with motor and electronic speed control with fixed metal support in position to photoelectric sensor, the entire panel is fixed with a fixing lug with aluminum with plastic handle head. Rotary System attachable to the tractor through a rubber belt comprising a stainless steel rod aluminum Ø12,7mm fixed pulley at one end of the rod and bearing system with threads that secure the pulley system without play;
– 01 50cm turntable U-shaped, made of metal with electrostatic painting finishing, has the lateral openings (guides) for fixing accessories, aluminum has pin at the bottom for attachment to the rotatable system;
– 01 metal tower to fix dynamometer with guide pins and holes for attachment to the turntable;
– 01 metal tower to hang cylindrical specimen of brass with guides and holes for attachment to the turntable;
– 01 specimen to centripetal force, consisting of a cylindrical brass with 100g Ø5mm has two pins with threaded knob and fixed on each face of the central cylinder and fixed with three hooks 90 on each opposing side of the cylinder; two mass measured with 50g of brass and central hole Ø5mm.
– 02 metal specimens (the x) 52x4mm and central hole 5mm with chromate finish with p.s.o 100g each;
– 03 rod (OXC) 1 / 4x120mm with M5x10mm screw;
– 01 manual stopwatch with accuracy of 0.01s;
– 01 pulley streaked with 2 fixed microrolamentos sheet metal for connection to the turntable;
– 01 tape 2m;
– 01 metal disc (Oxe) 100x1mm 12 with windows 12 for measuring time intervals by full turn of the platform, electrostatic paint finish;
– 01 metallic fastener for photoelectric sensor attachable to the tractor system for measuring time using the striped disk;
– 01 steel rod with chromate finish (OXC) 12,7x400mm;
– 09 knob bolt m5; 02 nickel-plated brass handle M5x12;
– 02 handle of brass nickel-plated M5x12;
– 01 metal clip to secure dynamometers with metal handle with nylon protection;
– 02 mass measured 50 g with quick coupling hook;
– 03 aluminum Loop with two handles for fixing rods;
– 09 flat washer commercial stainless 3/16;
– 07 handle head of plastic m5x15;
– 06 handle head of plastic m5x20;
– 01 handle head of plastic m5x30;
– 01 metal ring specimen (Øint x Øext x E) 98x140x12,7mm with electrostatic paint finish and system ends for metal table attachable to the turntable;
– 01 cobble stone specimen (CxLxE) 140x65x12,7mm with electrostatic paint finish and system ends for metal table attachable to the turntable;
– 01 metal disc specimen (the x) 140×12,7mm with electrostatic paint finish and system ends for metal table attachable to the turntable;
– 01 metal table to fix the specimens for the moment of inertia for metal table attachable to the turntable. It is geared with fastening system for use of the specimens for moment of inertia horizontally and vertically;
– 01 set of metallic discs with electrostatic paint finish for the conservation of angular momentum experiment composed of metal disk (ØxE) 100x18mm 3 dampers support and a metal disc with a central hole for coupling to the support holder for the metal discs;
– 01 support holder metal discs made of aluminum Ø50mm disk with pin 40mm for attachment to the swivel pin system and for fixing the metal discs;
- 01 Acrylic Bowl 270x200x30mm;


- Uniform circular motion
- Circular movement uniformly varied
- Centripetal force
- Centripetal force due to radius
- Centripetal force due to mass
- Centripetal force depending on the period
- Moment of inertia of solid bodies
- Conservation of angular momentum - Angular velocity
- Angular Acceleration
- Energy conservation.

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Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 21.2200
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