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Ripple Tank with Strobe

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Ripple Tank with Strobe


Quick Overview

Equipment necessary for experiments of mechanical waves in a physics lab.
Developed equipment for the study of wave phenomena. Developed in a vat with damping system for preventing reflections waves rendering a clear visualization of phenomena and providing high quality experiments.


To assist the experiments the wave tank has:

– Electronic Control Unit which integrates the electromagnetic shocks generator and the light source, simplifying the experiment;
– Frequency range of 1Hz to 60Hz with digital readout on LCD display;
– Various control functions, such as selecting frequency, continuous or pulsating illumination mode;
– Pulse function for concussions generator that is excellent for reflection experiments, synchronization function that automatically adjusts the frequency of the strobe mode lamp with frequency variation of concussions generator;
– White light source with high intensity LED lamp which provides a clear, crisp, bright projection;
– Electromagnetic generator silent quakes, accurate and durable;
– Projection tank with damping system;
– Metal projection base to support the projection tank and setting of the light source;
– Comes with several accessories for the experiments;
– 01 metal tank to generate waves with transparent window and knobs for level adjustment;


– 01 projection based on metal structure in the shape of H and T-standing support for the tub with swivel mirror;
– 01 light source with LED lamp;
– 01 electronic control unit frequency, amplitude of the electromagnetic generator of quakes and the frequency of the strobe light;
– 01 power supply switching power AC input 85V to 240V and continuous output 12V / 2A;
– 02 connecting cable ends with 1.5m P4 / P4;
– 01 electromagnetic vibration generator;
– 01 metal rod attachable female Ø12,7x400mm;
– 01 metal rod attachable male Ø12,7x400mm;
– 01 rod Ø12,7x420mm vibrator for support;
– 01 cast iron tripod type star with 1kg graders shoes;
– 02 shields 175 mm;
– 01 straight bulkhead 270mm;
– 01 bulkhead concave/convex;
– 02 bulkhead 30 mm;
– 01 bulkhead 70 mm;
– 01 metal support for specific drivers;
– 02 rod 24mm for point source;
– 02 metal handle M3x7
– 01 driver plane with 288 mm;
– 01 driver plane with 200 mm;
– 01 clear acrylic trapezoid;
– 01 bi-convex lens in transparent acrylic;
– 01 biconcave lens in transparent acrylic;


– Source of timely and extensive waves.
– Front straight and circular waves.
– Wave-length.
– Ratio between frequency and wavelength.
– Doppler Effect
– Reflection of a wave in straight and curved obstacles.
– Refraction, diffraction, interference of plane waves.

Additional Information

Product Manual Yes
Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 19.0000
Packing .

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