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Rectilinear Motion Ramp

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Rectilinear Motion Ramp


Quick Overview

Compact set, accurate and cost-effective for the study of rectilinear motion (uniform and varied).
In this equipment a ball is thrown from an electromagnet and runs on an aluminum rail. The travel time is recorded using a timer with two fixed Photoelectric Sensors in a metal guide with millimeter scale.


Thecnical Description:

Digital Timer AZB-30 USB

- 01 display LDC 2 × 16 with backlight;
- Resolution 0,00001s (1uS);
- 2 digital inputs / outputs for connecting up to 2 photoelectric sensors;
- Polarized output connection to coil with 8,5V / 1.5A
- Memory for storage of measurements of each function;
- The on / off button;
- Button for momentary retention and coil shooting;
- Short-circuit protection;
- Power supply with switched input 110 / 220V output with low voltage of 12V / 2A with connection plug NBR 14136;
- Polycarbonate panel with display protector transparent LCD and touch type buttons;
- Mounted enclosure;
- Detection system and the sensors;
- USB connection and software for data acquisition.
- Three functions: 

  • F1 [measuring the time interval between the sensors, coil and sensor and switch and sensors, set up to select the number of sensors to be used in experiment];
  • F2 [Measurement interruption time of 1 sensor or both sensors or measurement time between sensors];
  • F3 [measuring time by the number of sensor interrupts with the number of interrupts setting for the measuring period pendulums or swirling]; 


- 01 rail with elevation of 10cm mounted on metal base with guide for sensors;
- 02 photoelectric sensors in plastic cabinet;
- 01 AZB-30 multifunction digital stopwatch;
- 01 12V / 2A power supply;
- 01 electromagnet with two terminals;
- 01 metal sphere Ø25mm;
- 01 connection cable for electromagnet 1.5m;
- 02 connection cable for sensor;
- 02 M6X30 plastic head handle;
- 02 aluminum spreaders;
- 02 metal nuts for sensor mounting;
- 01 M5X15 plastic head handle;
- 01 M5 plastic nut;


– Uniform and variable rectilinear motion [MRU].

Additional Information

Product Manual No
Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 6.0000
Packing 114x23x25cm

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