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Optical Bench Model Alpha


Quick Overview

Excellent and complete set for performing geometric and physical optics experiments.


What is included:

- 01 rectangular base with protractor disk angular scale and subdivisions of 1 degree
- 01 metal support for rectangular base;
- 01 white light source 12V - 21W, power switch, multi-voltage power supply and filament positioning system;
- 01 DC adapter 12V/2A;
- 01 diaphragm with a slit;
- 01 diaphragm with five slit;
- 01 diaphragm with Ø2mm hole in plastic holder;
- 01 F letter leaked in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 bi-convex glass lens with Ø50mm, F=+50mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 convergent glass lens convex-plane with Ø50mm, F=+125mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 convex-plan glass lens Ø50mm, F=+250mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 bi-concave glass lens Ø50mm, in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 bi-convex glass lens Ø50mm, F=+100mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 concave glass mirror Ø50mm and F=+200mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 convex glass mirror Ø50mm and F=-200mm in plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 01 diffraction grating 500 lines / mm plastic frame with magnetic fixation;
- 02 polaroid rotational angular scale;
- 02 mirrors plans with supports;
- 01 acrylic semicircular profile;
- 01 acrylic biconvex profile;
- 01 acrylic biconcave profile;
- 01 acrylic profile convex-plan
- 01 acrylic profile concave-plan
- 01 acrylic profile trapezoid shape;
- 05 metal supports;
- 01 projection scale 150-0-150mm;
- 01 reflective surface combined: concave, convex and flat;
- 01 acrylic prism 60º;
- 01 metal rail for setup the experiments;
- 01 set of panels for study of vision defects (Normal Eye, Myopic and Hyperopic);
- 01 magenta filter in plastic holder with magnetic adhesion;
- 01 yellow plastic in filter holder with magnetic adhesion;
- 01 cyan filter in plastic holder with magnetic adhesion;
- 01 conjugated filter, green, red and blue assembled in acrylic support with magnetic adhesion;
- 01 translucent screen with millimeter scale and magnetic adhesion;
- 02 cylindrical ferrite magnets 17x8mm;
- 01 measuring tape;


- Geometric Optics and Optical Physics
- Light Reflection in the Mirror Plan and its laws
- Ray Incident
- Incidence and reflection angle
- Light Reflection on Convex Mirror
- Geometric elements of a Convex Mirror
- The light reflection on the concave mirror
- Geometric elements of a concave mirror
- Object Point and Point image
- Real and Virtual Image
- Refraction of Light and its laws
- Refractive angle
- Determination of Refractive Index Acrylic / Air and Air / Acrylic
- Limit Angle
- Total Reflection
- Conditions to occur Total Reflection of Light
- Optical Behavior of Light in Converging and Diverging Lens
- Properties of the Rays Bright
- Decomposition of white light in the Prism
- Lateral deviation
- Determination of Wavelength in the White Light decomposition
- Interference
- Lenses Spherical Lenses Converging or Diverging lenses
- Image Formation in Converging lenses
- Diffraction of Light
- White Light Diffraction decomposition in the Network
- Focal Length Determination of a convergent lens
- Determining the Focal Length of a concave mirror
- White Light Polarization
- Magnifying glass
- Study of the Astronomical Telescope
- Faraday rotation
- Adding Color: Additive and Subtractive Series

Additional Information

Product Manual Yes
Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 8.6000
Packing 1x 59x51x18cm

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