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Mechanic Set with Electromagnetic Trigger


Quick Overview

Versatile and comprehensive set designed for conducting experiments about mechanics.


Storage System

Specially designed to facilitate the organization, transport and storage of parts that make up the set. The system is composed externally of a box made of corrugated Kraft paper. Internally, the system has a high strength cradle plastic thermoformed with cavities in the shape of parts for perfect fit and storage.


- 01 metal panel (330x210x35mm) for the study of horizontal launches. Panel with height markings made directly on the piece, mounting slots for accessories such as pulleys and double simple accessory to Hooke's law, dynamometers and etc; Aluminum rail with rubber coated edges; system for the study of collisions between the balls, with adjustment for XYZ axes; plumb;
- 02 steel rod Ø12,7x400mm plugglable;
- 01 steel rod Ø12,7x250mm;
- 01 steel tripod for fixing the rods Ø12,7mm;
- 01 plastic cup 250ml;
- 01 Archimedes double cylinder;
- 02 transparent plastic Dynamometer 2.5 N / 250g and precision of 0.05 N / 5g;
- 02 steel balls Ø20mm;
- 01 steel ball Ø15mm;
- 01 digital timer;
- 01 metric tape 3m;
- 01 accessory for spring association with three coil springs k~10N/m;
- 01 fixed single pulley with the pin and screw to fixing at panel;
- 01 double pulley fixed pin and screw fixing the panel;
- 01 double movable pulley with pulleys (Ø40mm Ø50mm) and pin and screw fixing the panel;
- 03 simple pulleys Ø50mm;
- 02 fastening systems to leveling the dynamometers;
- 01 spool of thread;
- 08 mass with quick coupling system 50g;
- 01 rule 0 - 40 cm with the division in millimeters and holes for static moment experiments;
- 01 set of metal plates to study the center of gravity;
- 01 12V / 2A DC power supply;
- 01 switch mounted in metal cabinet with connection terminals;
- 01 100cm black stackable banana connection cable;
- 01 100cm red stackable banana connection cable;
- 01 electromagnet with metal fastener, handle and plastic nut;
- 01 support for electromagnet;


- Study of the pulleys
- Conservation of mechanical energy
- Collisions
- Horizontal Launch
- Oscillation system of a spring and mass
- The strength of recovery from a spring
- Particle dynamics, rigid body, rigid body dynamics, static moment;
- Elastic constant of a spring, Hooke's law
- Buoyancy
- Pendulum
- Simple Harmonic Oscillator
- Mechanical Energy Conversion;
- Gravity Center

Additional Information

Product Manual N/A
Warranty 1 Year
Weight (kg) 7.0000
Packing N/A

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