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Acoustics and Waves


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  1. Ripple Tank with Strobe

    Equipment necessary for experiments of mechanical waves in a physics lab.
    Developed equipment for the study of wave phenomena. Developed in a vat with damping system for preventing reflections waves rendering a clear visualization of phenomena and providing high quality experiments.

  2. Set of Tuning Forks

    Pair of tuning forks for resonance experiments.
  3. Mass x Leaf Spring Oscillator

    Equipment for the study of resonance in leaf springs (metal strips).

  4. Chladni Plates

    Classic experiment of resonance performed at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the german physicist and musician Ernest Chladni. It's original experiment was to sprinkle sand on a plate as it was set to vibrate with a violin bow. The intention was to visualize and analyze the vibrational behavior of flat surfaces, showing the patterns formed by the nodal lines of stationary sound waves.

  5. Resonance Tube with Water Column

    Simple and accurate experiment to determine the sound velocity.
  6. Set of Acoustic and Waves

    Set for study of acoustics and waves. The versatility of the set allows you to perform dozens of experiments with fairly simple assembly. Parts are designed in a modular way, allowing a wide range of studies with a very compact and versatile set.

  7. Set of Springs

    Set of metal springs for the demonstration of waves.

  8. Stationary Wave Generator

    Equipment for the study of stationary wave in Strings often measurement system composed of photoelectric sensor and display 3-digit resolution of 0.1Hz.

  9. 440Hz Tuning Fork with Resonance Box

    Used in resonance experiments.

  10. 256Hz Tuning Fork with Resonance Box

    Used in resonance experiments.


Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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