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Force Panel


Quick Overview

Set for static mechanic's experiments in vertical panel. This configuration facilitates the assembly of the experiments as well as the visualization of phenomena. Moludar equipment and fully dismantled. Predominantly made of metal which guarantees high quality and resistance. Supplied with a storage unit that facilitates transport and the organization of your laboratory.


Storage System:

Specially designed to facilitate the organization, transport and storage of parts that make up the set. The system is composed externally of a box made of corrugated Kraft paper. Internally, the system has a high strength cradle plastic thermoformed with cavities in the shape of parts for perfect fit and storage.


– 01 metallic panel 650x500mm with reinforcement tabs and four metal tabs for vertical mounting;
– 02 tripods type star;
– 02 rods 400×12,7mm male;
– 02 rods 400×12,7mm female;
– 02 dynamometers 2,5N;
– 01 dynamometers 5N;
– 02 magnetic fasteners for dynamometer;
– 02 magnetic fasteners;
– 01 protractor pendulum;
– 03 three simple furniture pulleys;
– 01 double mobile pulley;
– 01 fixed pulley simple;
– 01 fixed double pulley;
– Coil spring 01 120mm in length and 30mm in diameter;
– 01 accessory association springs with 3 2N springs and two metal fasteners;
– 12 mass measured 50 g with brace allowing successive engagements;
– 01 line reel;
– 01 magnetic strip 400mm;
– Indent 01 to 410mm with holes for study of the levers;
– 01 pin for coupling to magnetic attachment screw recess and size (CXO) 40x6mm;
– Pin 01 for coupling to the magnetic fastener thread;
– 01 handle of brass nickel-plated;
– 05 brace type “S”;
– 01 pin for coupling to magnetic attachment for fixing spring;


- Instrument for measuring force.
- Strength.
- Hooke’s Law.
- Restorative force.
- Elasticity limit.
- Balance of an object suspended by a spring.
- Spring constant.
- Composition and decomposition of competing, collinear and orthogonal forces.
- Balance of a point.
- Conditions for one-point equilibrium.
- Balance of a rigid body and conditions for the equilibrium.
- The resulting moment.
- Theorem of Varignon.
- Find the weight of an object by applying the equilibrium conditions.
- Inter-fixed, inter-powerful and inter-resistant levers,
- Traction in cables.
- Association of pulleys.
- Period, frequency and amplitude.
- Relationship between the period of oscillation of a pendulum and the amplitude;
- Relationship between the period of oscillation of a pendulum and the pendulum mass.
- Relation between the period of oscillation and the length of the pendulum.
- Acceleration of gravity.
- Massive spring oscillator
- Simple harmonic motion MHS;
- Determination of period and oscillation of a spring mass oscillator.
– Ratio between oscillation period of a pendulum and the pendulum mass;
– Ratio between the period of oscillation and the pendulum’s length;
– Gravitational acceleration.
– Oscillator mass-spring
– Simple harmonic motion MHS;
– Determination of the period and oscillation of a mass spring oscillator.

Additional Information

Product Manual N/A
Warranty 1 Year
Weight (kg) 12.7000
Packing N/A

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