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Compact Optical Set


Quick Overview

Excellent set to geometrical optics study. It’s possible to study the behavior of light rays in different optical elements, the color composition, vision defects and perform many other experiments. All this is possible because the set has a versatile light source with halogen lamp 20W / 12V, which combined with the set of accessories with acrylic lenses, color filters and hard disk makes this indispensable collection for teaching and learning of optical phenomena.


Storage System:

Specially designed to facilitate the organization, transport and storage of parts that make up the set. The system is composed externally of a box made of corrugated Kraft paper. Internally, the system has a high strength cradle plastic thermoformed with cavities in the shape of parts for perfect fit and storage.


– 01 white light source mounted in a metal cabinet (LxWxH) 190x85x55mm, power through switching power supply of 12V / 3A; on / off switch, has two openings for light output; illumination through halogen lamp 12V / 21W with a cooling system through cooler; 01 metal cover to close one of the light outputs; 2 fittings for diaphragm;
– 01 metal diaphragm 81×81 mm with 1, 2, 3 and 5 slots;
– 01 color filter (red, blue and green) acrylic acid conjugate (70x70mm) with magnetic adhesion for performing addition of colors;
– 02 mirrors (LxW) 60x38mm assembled metal holder with tilt system to perform addition of colors;
– 01 L-shaped support;
– 01 metal support for color filters;
– 01 magenta filter assembled plastic support 50x50mm with 26x36mm window;
– 01 cyan filter assembled in 50x50mm plastic holder with 26x36mm window;
– 01 yellow filter assembled in 50x50mm plastic holder with 26x36mm window;
– Fasteners 04 for fastening the backing sheets of the metal base;
– 01 biconcave acrylic profile;
– 01 acrylic plan-concave profile;
– 01 biconvex acrylic profile;
– 01 Profile acrylic plan-convex;
– 01 semicircular acrylic profile;
– 01 acrylic profile prism 60;
– 01 acrylic trapezoidal profile;
– 01 convergent glass lens with 120mm focal length;
– 01 turntable Ø23cm with angular scale and subdivisions 1;
– 01 to support the rotary disk;
– 01 Reflective surface combined: concave, convex and flat;
– 01 storage unit 40x50cm;
– 01 assembly manual and experiences;


– Light beam.
– Light beam.
– The light reflection in the mirror plane and its laws.
– Ray incident.
– Clearance angle.
– Reflection angle.
– The light reflection on the convex mirror.
– Geometric Elements of a convex mirror.
– The light reflection on the concave mirror ..
– Geometric Elements of a concave mirror
– Point object.
– Point image.
– Real Image.
– Virtual image.
– Refraction of light and laws.
– Refraction angle.
– Determination of the refractive index acrylic ratio in the air.
– Determination of the air refractive index ratio in the acrylic.
– Angle limit.
– Total Reflection.
– Conditions to occur total reflection of light.
– Optical behavior of light on convergent and divergent lens.
– The light rays properties.
– Prism
– Lateral deviation, white light decomposition.
– Addition of colors by light superposition.
– Series subtractive colors.
– Study and vision optical correction, normal eye, hyperopia and myopia.

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Experiments Manual (student and teacher): Yes

Warranty: 5 years. For further information see our warranty statement.

Packing: 1x 59x51x14cm (Carton Box)

Gross weight: 5kg

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