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To help our customers to buy with us, we have created this guide with the most frequent questions.

To help our customers to buy with us, we have created this guide with the most frequent questions.

How can I make a purchase?

Look for and select products and set up your lab project so we can make a quotation.
For international customers, located abroad, the service will be done throught our local distributors. If in your country there isn’t a local distributor, the service will be done by AZEHEB.
After we received the quotation request, our sells department will contact you with the quotation. For a fast contact, we ask you to complete the contact form. In case you need help to choose the products or to set up your lab, contact us directly by the contact form explaining your need.

How can I follow my request?

To follow your request, make contact with your local distributor or through our customer service department by mail [email protected].

How much is the freight and what is the delivery time?

The cost of freight may vary dependind on the volume, weight and delivery address. To define the accurate freight cost it will be needed a freight quotation before closing the request, which will be added to the budget.

Will be any tax or fee added to the price informed in the quotation?

Our prices are EXW and the customer is responsible for all taxes and fees determined by customs house of his country.

What are the payment methods?

For the convenience of our customers, we work with some payment methods:
• Credit Card (PayPal)
• Bank Transfer

What is AZEHEB’s guarantee policy?

Our guarantee is valid just for products used by education institutions. Most of our products have five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Any other product which has not been manufactured by AZEHEB is subject to manufacturer’s product guarantee, which usually is one year. Some products as lamps, batteries and consumables, may have different guarantees.
During guarantee period AZEHEB will fix or replace the defective product. Our guarantee doesn’t cover defects which are caused by misuse, abuse or non-educational use. For products out of guarantee AZEHEB will try to repair free of charge. For more informations, confer our guarantee document
The freight payment of product under guarantee (sending and return) is responsability of the customer.

What is the procedure for returning a product?

Any product can be returned within 30 days.
All product returns require a return merchandise authorization (RMA). To get that, contact us by our contact form or mail [email protected].
Returned products for replace ou credit must be in new product conditions in its original packaging. The product will not be accept for replace or credit and will be reurned to customer if it is not in new product condition, which includes marks and labels.

Who does technical assistance in AZEHEB products?

Our technical assistance is permanent for AZEHEB brand products and done in our factory. For other brand products, technical assistance is done directly by respective manufacturers.