Time travel: yes, it is posible

by iw_azeheb 02 Mar

Travelling in time is a dream of many people since Albert Einstein formulated the Theory of Relativity – when he found that time and space are part of the same structure (which he named space-time), and if you somehow distort that structure, it becomes posible to travel in time. However, it is only posible to travel to the future.

  • Einstein explains:

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time is relative and can be ditorted by gravity and by velocity – that is, the faster something moves, the slower the time will pass comparing to who is outside. Regarding the speed of light, the time just stops.

If anyone could move at half of speed of light, the time would pass 16% slower. At 90% of speed, it would change to 230% – that means that every day the astronaut spent on the ship, it would be 2 dias and 4 hours on Earth. At 99.99999% of speed of light, one day would be equivalent to 6,1 years, and at 99,9999999999999%, 61.000 years.

  • After all, did anyone already travel in time?

Yes! This person is the Rusian cosmonaut Sergui Krikalev, world record holder in time travel, who spent 803 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes at the International Space Station. The speed of the station allowed him to be 0,02 seconds in the future.

  • How is that posible?

What allows anyone to go and go back whenever he or she wants are the wormholes. The wormhole is an intersecting point between two regions of space, which, in our opinion, allows the teleportation.

The wormhole was one of the topics approached in Interstelar movie, although astrophysics didn’t prove its existence, yet. The hole falicitates the passage from one point to another – in case of the movie, from a galaxy to another. So, the idea would be putting one of the edge of the wormhole to travel at a speed close to the speed of light, and so it would be in the future. The other edge would still remain in the present, so anyone could enter through it and travel to the other edge, and vice versa. That would be time travel.

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