Find out what entropy is

12/04/19| Energy

Have you ever heard of Entropy? Despite looking like a complex issue, in fact it is quite simple and serves to explain different phenomena. In this post, you will check what entropy is. So, do not forget to read this article until the end and take the time to ask your questions about it! What […]

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Cultura maker

The Maker Culture and the Science Labs

19/07/19| Uncategorized

The popularization of the maker culture in the context of education, is a trend. Drones, robots that teach, 3D printers, 3D pens, and various projects with low-cost materials aiming at the natural creative development of children and adolescents are multiplied in education fairs in the world. The maker movement is fun, it’s visually appealing, part […]

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11/10/18| Uncategorized

Physics is an incredible science that studies the different forms of interaction between matter and energy. It seeks the knowledge of the universe, not only in the cosmological sense, but in a broader sense: the universe of human activities. Physics creates and answers questions for everything we know. The first contact that everyone has with […]

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Why do leap years exist?

02/03/17| Physics curiositiesUncategorized

Every four years we have a year with 366 days, called leap year, which was created in order to adjust the annual calendar to the Earth’s translation movement. In the leap year, the month of February has 29 days, instead of 28, as in other years. Whay does it happen? The year is the time […]

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The most extreme planets ever discovered.

11/10/18| Curiosities

Scientists have recently discovered the hottest planet ever discovered, whose temperature is higher than that of many stars. As the search for planets that are outside our solar system advances, we are discovering several other planets with surprising characteristics. Get to know the seven most extreme planets ever discovered. Seven most extreme planets already discovered. […]

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