What is STEM Education?

26/07/19| How it works

If you are from education you may have heard the word “STEM” a lot. The term became popular so quickly, it is often understood in different ways by different people. STEM is an acronym formed by the junction of the words Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but the meaning goes far beyond the mere combination […]

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para que serve o Gerador de van der graaff

Understand what the Van de Graaff Generator is.

14/06/19| Uncategorized

You know what it is for the Van de Graaff generator? This generator was developed in 1929 and was of great importance in the nuclear research history. Today it is widely used in demonstrations of electrostatic discharges in science museums, universities and schools. Continue reading this post and find out what it is, how it […]

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como estudar o efeito seebeck

Learn What Is And How To Study The Seebeck Effect

31/05/19| Uncategorized

Have you heard of the Seebeck Effect? Do you know how to study the Seebeck effect or how to apply it in everyday life? Doubts such as these are quite common among people who are interested in physics or thermoelectric issues. If this is your case, then be sure to check out this post in […]

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How to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory?

17/05/19| Experimental physicsExperimentsPhysics in everyday lifeUncategorized

Many teachers have been looking for ways to optimize teaching and practice in laboratories are helpful in this regard, especially in specific disciplines such as chemistry and physics. But unsophisticated teachers need to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory. Most of the schools do not have all the necessary infrastructure to make experimental classes […]

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Practical Teaching: How activities outside the classroom help in learning process

26/04/19| Physics in everyday life

The general teaching is done through textbooks, papers and other theoretical methods of teaching. However, in order for the subject to be really learned by the students, practical classes are equally necessary. They enable students to experience and observe the practical implications of theoretical concepts. Still, teaching in practice is still underused, is discredited by […]

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energia solar no espaço

China and the world’s first solar power station

19/04/19| Energy

One of the most debated issues of sustainability currently involves the issue of renewable energy. Now we are about to take another step towards sustainability through a00 solar power station in space. The announcement was made by China, which undoubtedly is a major technological powers in the world. The project comes shortly after the successful […]

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