Static Mechanics: Levers Physics

04/11/19| Uncategorized

The Physics of Levers One of the mechanics of content with greater application in our daily life is the study of levers. Coupled to this, the concept of torque is present from the operation of complex machines like cars, to the functioning of simple machines, as our jaw when chewing a food. Therefore, it is […]

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carros eletricos

Eletric Cars

09/09/19| CuriositiesEnergyUncategorized

They arrived! Electric cars are increasingly common on the world’s roads. In China alone it is estimated that more than 1.5 million electric cars in circulation. Formula E, which is the auto racing category with cars powered exclusively by electric power, is gaining ground. But thinking ahead, are electric cars the answer to all our […]

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The historic photo of a black hole

30/08/19| CuriositiesUncategorized

The year 2019 will be remembered forever in history. It was this year that the historic photo of one of the most intriguing astronomical objects in the universe, the black hole, was published. The photo not only consolidates international collaboration as an extremely powerful point for the advancement of the science and evolution of the […]

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para que serve o Gerador de van der graaff

Understand what the Van de Graaff Generator is.

14/06/19| Uncategorized

You know what it is for the Van de Graaff generator? This generator was developed in 1929 and was of great importance in the nuclear research history. Today it is widely used in demonstrations of electrostatic discharges in science museums, universities and schools. Continue reading this post and find out what it is, how it […]

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como estudar o efeito seebeck

Learn What Is And How To Study The Seebeck Effect

31/05/19| Uncategorized

Have you heard of the Seebeck Effect? Do you know how to study the Seebeck effect or how to apply it in everyday life? Doubts such as these are quite common among people who are interested in physics or thermoelectric issues. If this is your case, then be sure to check out this post in […]

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How to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory?

17/05/19| Experimental physicsExperimentsPhysics in everyday lifeUncategorized

Many teachers have been looking for ways to optimize teaching and practice in laboratories are helpful in this regard, especially in specific disciplines such as chemistry and physics. But unsophisticated teachers need to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory. Most of the schools do not have all the necessary infrastructure to make experimental classes […]

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Cultura maker

The Maker Culture and the Science Labs

19/07/19| Uncategorized

The popularization of the maker culture in the context of education, is a trend. Drones, robots that teach, 3D printers, 3D pens, and various projects with low-cost materials aiming at the natural creative development of children and adolescents are multiplied in education fairs in the world. The maker movement is fun, it’s visually appealing, part […]

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