How to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory?

17/05/19| Experimental physicsExperimentsPhysics in everyday lifeUncategorized

Many teachers have been looking for ways to optimize teaching and practice in laboratories are helpful in this regard, especially in specific disciplines such as chemistry and physics. But unsophisticated teachers need to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory. Most of the schools do not have all the necessary infrastructure to make experimental classes […]

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como ensinar física para alunos surdos

How to teach physics to deaf students?

10/05/19| How it worksPhysics in everyday life

Knowing how to teach physics to deaf students is a big challenge for many teachers today. And much of this problem is due to the fact that most schools, especially public schools, do not have the necessary resources to guarantee an efficient practical teaching of this discipline. According to studies, at least 5% of the […]

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Practical Teaching: How activities outside the classroom help in learning process

26/04/19| Physics in everyday life

The general teaching is done through textbooks, papers and other theoretical methods of teaching. However, in order for the subject to be really learned by the students, practical classes are equally necessary. They enable students to experience and observe the practical implications of theoretical concepts. Still, teaching in practice is still underused, is discredited by […]

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