Experimentation and Electricity

20/11/19| Experimental physicsExperiments

One of the most popular content in Enem (Brazilians SAT’s), in the physics test, is electricity. More specifically, in the last 5 years, approximately 20% of the issues were somehow related to Ohm’s laws. This shows, considering that Enem charges a lot of everyday physics, the importance of this content not only for the classroom, […]

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How to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory?

17/05/19| Experimental physicsExperimentsPhysics in everyday lifeUncategorized

Many teachers have been looking for ways to optimize teaching and practice in laboratories are helpful in this regard, especially in specific disciplines such as chemistry and physics. But unsophisticated teachers need to teach experimental physics with a basic laboratory. Most of the schools do not have all the necessary infrastructure to make experimental classes […]

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