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Basic Set for Experimental Physics

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Basic Set for Experimental Physics


Quick Overview

Basic set for experimental physics in the areas of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, wave, optics and thermodynamics.
Comprehensive attendance at elementary and high schools. It includes assembly manuals and experiments that help teachers and students to interact with equipment safely and effectively.


What is Included

01 Unid. carretel de hilo;
01 Unid. resorte Ley de Hooke;
01 Unid. doble cilindro de Arquímedes;
01 Unid. dinamómetro tubular de metal de 1N;
01 Unid. dinamómetro tubular de metal de 2,5N;
01 Unid. trípode de hierro y tornillo para fijación de varillas de Ø 12,5 mm;
05 Unid. pesas calibradas de 50 g con gancho de enganche rápido;
01 Unid. varilla de Ø12,5x400 mm macho;
01 Unid. varilla de Ø12,5x400 mm hembra;
02 Unid. tornillos con cabeza de perilla plástica M5x15 mm;
01 Unid. perno para fijación de travesaño;
01 Unid. travesaño de metal para momento estático 400x32x4 mm y 15 agujeros con una regla de 20 cm - 0 - 20 cm y una regla de 0 a 40 cm;
01 Unid. varilla de Ø4,5x145 mm con 3 rebajes para colgar resorte con perilla pasante M5;
01 Unid. soporte de alambre para colgar travesaño;
01 Unid. roldana móvil doble;
01 Unid. roldana móvil simple;
01 Unid. roldana doble fija;
02 Unid. fijadores de metal con tornillo con cabeza de perilla;
01 Unid. cinta métrica mini de 2 m;
01 Unid. vela;
01 Unid. paquímetro plástico 150 mm;
01 Unid. vaso de precipitado plástico de 250 ml;
01 Unid. jeringa plástica de 10 ml;
01 Unid. tubo de silicona transparente de 0,60 m (Ø int.xØ ext.) 6x10 mm;
01 Unid. alambre para colgar ventilador; 01 Unid. ventilador de Ø 65 mm de ocho aspas;
01 Unid. cuerpo de prueba de aluminio con gancho de Ø19x40 mm;
01 Unid. cuerpo de prueba de hierro con gancho Ø19x40 mm;
02 Unid. termómetros químicos con escala externa de -10 ºC a +110 °C;
01 Unit. spool of thread;
01 Unit. spring Hooke's Law;
01 Unit. double cylinder of Archimedes;
01 Unit. 1N tubular dynamometer;
01 Unit. 2.5N tubular dynamometer;
01 Unit. iron stand and screw for fixing rods of Ø 12.5 mm;
05 Unit. calibrated 50 g weights with quick hook;
01 Unit. Ø12.5x400 mm male rod;
01 Unit. Ø12.5x400 mm female rod;
02 Unit. screws with plastic knob head M5x15 mm;
01 Unit. bolt for crossbar fixation;
01 Unit. metal bar for static moment of 400x32x4 mm and 15 holes with a ruler of 20 cm - 0 - 20 cm and a ruler of 0 to 40 cm;
01 Unit. Ø4.5x145 mm rod with 3 recesses for hanging spring with M5 through knob;
01 Unit. wire support for hanging crossbar;
01 Unit. double mobile sheave;
01 Unit. simple mobile sheave;
01 Unit. fixed double sheave;
02 Unit. metal fasteners with screw with knob head;
01 Unit. mini measuring tape of 2 m;
01 Unit. candle;
01 Unit. 150 mm plastic pachymeter;
01 Unit. 250 ml plastic beaker;
01 Unit. 10 ml plastic syringe;
01 Unit. transparent silicone tube of 0.60 m (Ø int.xØ ext.) 6x10 mm;
01 Unit. wire to hang fan; 01 Unit. Ø 65 mm fan with eight blades;
01 Unit. aluminum test body with Ø19x40 mm hook;
01 Unit. iron test body with hook Ø19x40 mm;
02 Unit. chemical thermometers with external scale from -10 ° C to +110 ° C;
01 Unit. density meter of 0.700 - 1,000; 01 Unit. 250 ml glass specimen with plastic base;
01 Unit. 275x9.5x3.2 mm aluminum rod for thermal conduction;
02 Unit. large size D batteries;
01 Unit. 25 g iron powder bottle;
01 Unit. small compass Ø43 mm;
04 Unit. ferrite bar magnets 25x12x4 mm;
01 Unit. digital multimeter with the possibility of measuring AC / DC voltage, AC / DC current and electrical resistance with test leads;
01 Unit. 183x155 mm circuit board with two sockets for large batteries, P4 type connector for laser lantern connection, 3 E-10 type lampholders with 2.7V / 150 mA mini lamps, connection system composed of 12 pressure springs and two electrical connection terminals;
01 Unit. 180x160x3 mm acrylic plate;
01 Unit. connection cable for 1 m laser source with female P4 connector at one end and male P4 connector at the other end;
02 Unit. pairs of 50 cm banana / crocodile connection cables black / red;
01 Unit. fixing bracket with metal rod Ø 2x150 mm with banana bolt;
10 Unit. plastic straws;
20 Unit. rigid cables for electrical connection;
01 Unit. poster with the compass rose;
01 Unit. 5N tubular dynamometer;
01 Unit. U-shaped ramp kit (auxiliary with 20 cm long and main with 50 cm long);
01 Unit. metal roll for MRU;
02 Unit. 10x6 cm flat glass mirrors;
01 Unit. candle;
01 Unit. friction wood block;
01 Unit. manual digital stopwatch;
02 Unit. metal brackets for flat mirrors;
01 Unit. plastic combined mirror with flat mirror, concave mirror and convex mirror;
01 Unit. laser source 5mW double beam red diode laser flashlight mounted on metal cabinet with on / off switch and P4 connector;
01 Unit. cable connection for laser source;
01 Unit. convex flat acrylic lens;
01 Unit. concave flat acrylic lens;
01 Unit. semi-cylindrical acrylic lens;
01 Unit. biconvex acrylic lens;
01 Unit. biconcave acrylic lens;
02 Unit. metal stands for lenses;
01 Unit. Ø60 mm DF 120 mm biconvex glass lens mounted on plastic support with magnetic adhesion;
01 Unit. 75x75 mm translucent plate with magnetic adhesion for projection;
01 Unit. plastic support with magnetic adhesion with projection hole;
03 Unit. posters for the study of vision optics;
01 Unit. poster with a 360º conveyor.


Mass and weight
Hooke's Law
Balance of a body
Fixed Pulley
Mobile Pulley
Mobile pulley and associated Fxa
Friction Force and Contact Area
Force of friction and the nature of the pair of surfaces
Specific mass of regular solids
Specific Gravity Solid Mass
Specific Mass of liquid
Principle of Archimedes
Obtaining the expression of buoyancy exerted by a net
Relate Buoyancy and Weight of the volume of liquid displaced by a body immersed in a liquid.
Uniform Rectilinear Motion
Measure temperature and identify scales and thermometric quantities
Convection heat propagation
Flat mirror image formation
Laws of Reflection
Association of Flat Mirrors
Analyze the properties of a light ray incident on a concave mirror.
Analyze the properties of a light ray incident on a convex mirror.
Use the laws of refraction and determine the refractive index of the acrylic in relation to the air.
Identify the position of the main focus of a thin lens.
Analyze the operation of the magnifying glass (magnifying lens)
Formation of the image in a convergent lens
Vision Optics
Differentiating the charge signal from electrically charged bodies.
Action between magnet poles
Discovering the North Geographical
Magnetic field
Friction loading
Contact and induction
Electric current detector with compass
Connecting a bulb in series with two battery pack
Voltage measurement using the digital multimeter
Measurement of electric current intensity with digital multimeter
Association of lamps in series
Association of Lamps in Parallel

Additional Information

Product Manual Yes
Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 9.1300
Packing 1x 65x31x43cm

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