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Projectile Launcher with Ballistic Pendulum

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Projectile Launcher with Ballistic Pendulum


Quick Overview

Projectile launcher with ballistic pendulum.
Equipment to study launches (horizontal and oblique). The cannon has 3 spring compression stages that allow launches, with angle adjustment, up to 5m away with great precision. The assembly further includes a accessory for collision studies.

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- Cannon with 3 stages of compression for launch with different ranges
- Maximum reach of ~ 5m
- High precision
- Adjustment of launch angle 0º to 90º
- Accessory for fixing photoelectric sensors and ball shock
- Ballistic pendulum fixing accessory
- Ballistic pendulum with variable mass
- Elevation angle measurement for the ballistic pendulum

What is Included

- 01 metal base for fixing the cannon;
- 01 tower for fixing the ballistic pendulum made of steel with electrostatic paint with angle-to-tip transducer and indicator arrow;
- 01 ballistic pendulum with housing for ball and threaded pin for fixing of masses;
- 02 measuring masses of 50g with central hole;
- 01 plastic head lever M6x16
- 01 metal handle M3x7;
- 02 M5 plastic nut;
- 01 type "C" staple with handle;
- 01 cannon, with 20 cm length built in aluminum tube with internal spring and trigger. Internal support with housing for the projectiles. Three stages of spring compression. Adjustable angular positioning from 0º to 90º and precision of 1 / 2º;
- 01 support guide with two threaded bolts for the cannon;
- 02 M6 metal butterfly nuts;
- 02 M6 metal washer;
- 02 spherical steel projectiles with Ø25mm;
- 01 spherical plastic projectile with Ø25mm;
- 01 support for photogates and spheres;
- 01 measure tape 3m;
- 01 plummet with magnetic adhesion;
- 01 plastic stick for compression of the sphere inside the cannon;
- 01 magnetic fixer for ball collision;


- Launch of Projectiles (horizontal and oblique).
- Shocks
- Ballistic Pendulum

Additional Information

Product Manual Yes
Warranty 1 year
Weight (kg) 5.0000
Packing 1x 26x26x27cm / 1x 59x20x10cm

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In this tab you will find information on recommended accessories and replacement items that are not sold with the product.

Recommended Accessories Code Quantity
Digital Timer USB AZB-30 (without photogates) *
62001226 01
Photogate Timer Lite (without photogates) * 62001255 01
Time-to-Flight Sensor TFS-D10 04002036 01
Photoelectric Sensor PGS-D10 04002037 02
Shoot the Target Accessories Set 62001161 01
Set of Pluggable Metal Rods 400mm 30002020 06
Large Base 29003002 04
Rod Clamp 31003001 04
Steel Ring with Rod Holder Ø10cm 02005006 04

* Only one of the recommended models is required.

Replacement Itens Code Quantity
Steel Ball Ø25mm (5 Pack) 62001167 01
Plastic Ball Ø25mm (5 Pack) 62001215 01


PDF_DOWNLOAD_IMG Experiments Manual
Student and Teacher Version



This product is supplied with an experiment manual in the student and teacher version and the teacher version is fully answered. Below you will find a downloadable sample of the student's experiment manual.

PDF_DOWNLOAD_IMG Sample Experiment Manual
Student Version