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  1. Mechanical Scale 1610g/0,2g

    Excellent cost-effectiveness to measure the mass of objects in your laboratory.
  2. Analogue DC Milliammeter

    Analogue DC milliammeter, student version, double scale.
  3. Analogue DC Voltmeter

    Analogue DC voltmeter, student version, double scale .
  4. Digital Capacimeter Minipa MC-154A

    The evaluation, testing and quality control of capacitive components becomes simple with an instrument specifically developed for this purpose.

  5. DC Power Suplly 15V / 3A Icel PS-1500

    Basic power supply for general use.
  6. DC Power Suplly 32V / 5A Icel PS-3005

    Basic power supply for general use.
  7. Luxmeter Minipa MLM-1011

    Instrument indicated for projects of lighting of internal and external environments, solar energy, inspection of work environments, agricultural sector, public lighting, measuring up to 100k Lux and measurement freeze.

  8. Thermocouple Type K Minipa MTK-01

    Type K thermocouple probe of general use, with miniature compensated connector, for temperature measurement in the range of -40 ° C to 204 ° C.

  9. Functions Generator Icel GV-2002

    They provide different types of signals for testing, calibrating and troubleshooting electronic circuits.
  10. Digital Thermometer With Rod Incoterm 9791

    • Stainless steel rod suitable for temperature measurement in food;
    • Easy to program temperature alarm;
    • Water resistant - easy to clean.


Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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