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Air Track

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Air Track


Quick Overview

Air track with low friction coefficient allows greater precision when performing kinematics and dynamics experiments.

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Technical Specification Digital Timer AZB-30 USB:

- 01 display LDC 2 × 16 with backlight;
- Resolution 0,00001s (1uS);
- 2 digital inputs / outputs for connecting up to 2 photoelectric sensors;
- Polarized output connection to coil with 8,5V / 1.5A
- Memory for storage of measurements of each function;
- The on / off button;
- Button for momentary retention and coil shooting;
- Short-circuit protection;
- Power supply with switched input 110 / 220V output with low voltage of 12V / 2A with connection plug NBR 14136;
- Polycarbonate panel with display protector transparent LCD and touch type buttons;
- Mounted enclosure;
- Detection system and the sensors;
- USB connection and software for data acquisition.
- Three functions: 

  • F1 [measuring the time interval between the sensors, coil and sensor and switch and sensors, set up to select the number of sensors to be used in experiment];
  • F2 [Measurement interruption time of 1 sensor or both sensors or measurement time between sensors];
  • F3 [measuring time by the number of sensor interrupts with the number of interrupts setting for the measuring period pendulums or swirling];


– 02 stands for rail, black, with two pins to mass media;
– 05 photoelectric sensors;
– 05 fixing brackets for sensors;
– 05 connecting cable for sensors;
– 05 fixing screws for sensors;
– 01 digital multi timer with treatment and rolling dice with 5 inputs and 6-digit resolution (0,000001s); metal fairing; built-in electronic circuit; steel chassis; digital output and reducing power supply for low voltage; control with on / off switch; input 15V / 1.5A; main output with variable plug P4 3V to 12VDC / 1.5A;
– 01 connecting cable (banana / P4) to electromagnet;
– 01 Electromagnet shooting and retention with terminals and rod;
– 02 barriers to shock;
– 01 aluminum strip 10 with openings 10 for measuring time;
– 01 final year Y with fixative U Snap trigger;
– 01 Y-end course with pulley striped with low friction;
– 01 spool of thread No. 10;
– 01 fastener electromagnet with handle;
– 01 fastener U to shock;
– 01 brace pasta holder measured with brace;
– 02 attachable measured masses 50g with central hole Ø5mm;
– 02 attachable measured masses 10g with central hole Ø5mm;
– 04 attachable measured masses 20g with central hole Ø5mm;
– 01 rod to stand for sensor activation;
– 03 turnstile nuts;
– 08 Brass handles 13mm;
– 01 spring to MHS;
– 04 flat washers;
– 02 pin to stand with brace;
– 01 pin to stand with python;
– 01 pin to stand with needle;
– 01 pin to stand with adherent mass;
– 01 pin to stand with holder for electromagnet;
– 01 metallic fastener photoelectric sensor for striped pulley;
– 03 circular elastic;
– 01 adapter to MHS;
– 01 airflow unit, 110/220V, 800W power, electronically controlled, low noise, switch, filter and quick outlet connection;
– 01-pole power cord 1.5m;
– 01 hose cleaner 2m x Ø1,5 “;
– 01 linear air track. Composed of square aluminum pipe 50x50mm, assembled on triangular base with rectilinear cavities system with sliding bolts connecting sensors and built-in ruler in supporting rail for accurate adjustment of the sensors. The rail is supported on two metal supports with leveling shoes, one double and one single.


– Reference, Start and End Position.
– Rectilinear Uniform (MRU) Movement.
– Rectilinear uniform acceleration (MRUV).
– 2nd Law of Newton.
– Relationship between force and acceleration.
– Relationship between mass and acceleration.
– Relationship between work and kinetic energy.
– Conservation of mechanical energy.
– Impulse and Motion Quantity.
– Conservation of Linear Motion Quantity.
– Elastic and inelastic shock.
– Simple harmonic motion (SHM).
– Ratio between period and amplitude.

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Product Manual Yes
Warranty 1 year

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