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About Us

The company was born in 1990, by the hands of a teacher, with the mission to develop new products which contributed for a better scientific education. Since then, many investments were applied to improve the products and thousands of customers have been granted in Brasil and abroad. During all over this way, we kept motivated by the same goal and inspired by the teachers’ dedication to the scientific education. Today, we have an equipment line for scientific education, in special to highly qualified teachers. The customers have many reasons to choose us, but the most important is our commitment to the customer satisfaction. That’s why we invite you to know our company and product line, and we hope to have the opportunity to show our commitment.

Then we present some reasons which will show you why we are a very good choice.

Product Development

Developing scientific products requires experience and knowledge to identify the education sector demands and customer needs. Therefore, we work with the best engineers, designers and teachers to ally high tecnology, innovation and efficiency in development of high quality products.


Our manuals are designed with detailed instructions for operating the equipment, so the user get the best possible experience when using our products.That’s why we have experienced teachers developing experimental scripts, because we believe that only they are able to identify dificulties and to bring solutions to facilitate and maximize the use of the products


We rely on the quality of our products, because we provide a five-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, so our customers feel secure in working with us.

Technical assistance

Our products have durability, some of our customers have products manufactured by us over 10 years of use. However, after so many years of use, setbacks may happen. Knowing that, we provide permanent technical assistance for all AZEHEB products. So, if a problem occurs, you will be promptly served. This is how we show respect for our customers.


We value customers’ resources to invest in laboratory, which sometimes can be limited. Therefore, we provide the best cost-benefit of the market, in other words, products which ally quality, durability and price. Beyond that, we help the customer during purchase so he acquires as many products as possible for the lab with the available resource.


Do not be worried if you have doubts about the use or difficulties with the assembly. Our technical support is permanent and is done by specialist technicians ready to help you and to answer your questions!